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    [Foro.Agency] Colored Username Everywhere - Fixed bug

    Used a non-existing function
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    [Foro.Agency] Colored Username Everywhere - New feature

    Colored username in member tag auto complete list
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    [Foro.Agency] Profile Customization (profile banner, custom tab...) - Fixed bug + improvement

    Fixed bug when selecting no color will return an error Added options to select which feature should be enabled
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    Bug Bug add-on : Profile Customization

    Bonjour, Le problème vient du style que vous utilisez, nous vous avons contacté par MP
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    Real-time Shoutbox

    There is no smilies button for the moment, this is planned to be added. As of now, guests cannot chat on the shoutbox for security reasons and messages appearing at the bottom is not available. Best regards, Walky
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    Real-time Shoutbox

    Hello, Why aren’t you able to register on ? Are you getting an error ? We only develop addon on XenForo 2, we won’t produce any addon on lower version (e.g 1.x). Best regards, Walky
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    🔥 [Foro.Agency] Real-time Shoutbox (NodeJS & Socket.IO) - Fixed bug + lower price

    Fixed bug when editing a non-staff message, the message wouldn't be edited in live Price is now €9,00
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    [Foro.Agency] Colored Username Everywhere - Fixed bug + improvement

    Fixed bug where username colors didn't appear in last post of category Improvement: Select through the AdminCP the username colors locations
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    Suggestion Personnalisation de profile plus poussé !

    Bonsoir, Nous allons voir ce que nous pouvons faire là-dessus et si l'on juge ceci utile ou non :) Merci pour ta suggestion ! Cordialement, Walky
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    [Foro.Agency] Profile Customization (profile banner, custom tab...) - Fixed bug

    When no colors were added, the input field still appeared
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    Suggestion Colored Username in siropu chat tagging?

    Hello, This is a logical thing, tagging a user is a different process, it’s just like tagging someone in a post or profile post (@pilou). This is not related to our addon :) Best regards, Walky
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    Fixed CloudFlare probleme.

    D’accord ! Pouvez-vous m’envoyer un message privé incluant ces informations svp: Lien de votre forum Compte administrateur sur votre forum avec un accès complet Coordonnées de connexions aux FTP du forum Ensuite, je pourrais intervenir moi-même :)
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    Fixed CloudFlare probleme.

    Avez-vous un quelconque accès SSH sur le serveur où est hébergé votre forum ? Sans ceci, vous ne pouvez pas éxecuter de telles commandes
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    Fixed CloudFlare probleme.

    Essayez de lancer cette commande via CLI svp et de re-tenter d’installer l’addon: php cmd.php xf:convert-utf8mb4
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    Fixed CloudFlare probleme.

    Did you try to remove addon files then re-upload them and reinstall ?