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    Shoutbox Install Error

    You can modify the shoutbox height if you're using a widget. If not using one, you can modify it by directly editing the CSS style in this template : fa_sh.index.less
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    Shoutbox Install Error

    Hello, Did you upload the server directory on your server ? It seems to be the issue. Regards, Walky
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    Bug [ForoAgency] Colored Username Everywhere 1.2.1

    If this is the only location where the username doesnt’t appear colored, I don’t think that the problem comes from our addon. Did you contact the addon author of User Icons ?
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    Bug [ForoAgency] Colored Username Everywhere 1.2.1

    Hello, I don’t see where the problem is. Usernames color are here when you look at forums, no ? Regards, Walky
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    [Foro.Agency] Colored Username Everywhere - Fixed bug

    When mentioning user anywhere, the dropdown menu would not show and causes an error
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    Ordre des messages dans le shoutbox

    Je prends note, je verrai par la suite. Merci de la suggestion :)
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    Ordre des messages dans le shoutbox

    Il n'est pas possible de faire ceci directement via une option, la seul sens disponible est celui de base (barre de texte en haut).
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    Ordre des messages dans le shoutbox

    Bonjour, Qu'entendez-vous par inverser ? Pouvez-vous être plus précis svp ? Cordialement, Walky
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    Faire apparaître la liste des émote dans la shoutbox

    Bonjour, Aucune liste de sélection de smiley n'est actuellement présente sur la Shoutbox, c'est en cours d'implantation et sera probablement ajouté lors de la version 1.2.0 finale. Cordialement, Walky
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    🔥 [Foro.Agency] Real-time Shoutbox (NodeJS & Socket.IO) - New beta version

    Fixed bug when archiving messages would not show the date of the message but the current date Archiving feature is no longer trying to create a post if no new messages have been posted We also introduced a fresh new feature which we called whispering ! Users are now able to whisper any other...
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    username colors not showing on recent post section of forum home and nodes

    Hello, Are you running your forum on XF2.1 ? If not, you must upgrade XenForo to 2.1 at least to use the addon in its last version. Regards, Walky
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    [Foro.Agency] Profile Customization (profile banner, custom tab...) - Fixed bugs

    When unchecking the profile color, no changes would have been done Fixed some bugs related to the YouTube video widget
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    Bug Error (Chat)

    You need to only set the ID, which is 55 for the thread and 47 for the user
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    Bug Error (Chat)

    Hello, Please provide more details, when it happens ? By the way, this doesn't seem to be related to the Shoutbox but more likely to TeamSpeak (line 8 and 9) Regards, Walky
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    [Foro.Agency] Colored Username Everywhere - New features

    Added support for XenForo Resource Manager (XFRM) Resource List - Author Resource View - Author Search Result - Resource Search Result - Resource update Do not try to install this update on XF2.0.x, this update will properly work only on 2.1
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