🔥 [Foro.Agency] Real-time Shoutbox (NodeJS & Socket.IO)

🔥 [Foro.Agency] Real-time Shoutbox (NodeJS & Socket.IO) 1.2.0 Beta 1

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Q. How to correctly install and configure my Shoutbox ?
A. First of all, upload all the files (and chmod the /server folder to 775 at least, if not already) on your forum server and install the addon from your ACP. Then, open a SSH connection with your server and go to this folder: /server (using cd command).
Once there, ensure that you have NodeJS installed on your server before continuing. Run this command to install all the dependencies the Shoutbox use : npm install.
Now, go to the addon options on your ACP and fill in the server options (address and port, see below if you're using CloudFlare). Finally, run this command : node app.js to start the application !

If you don't want the application to exit and stop when closing the SSH connection, I recommend you to install forever on your server and start the application with: forever start app.js.

Q. My website is running under HTTPS protocol, can I use your shoutbox ?
A. Absolutely ! However, you'll need to have an access to your website HTTPS certificate informations. Then, place these 2 files in the /server folder and update the Certificate path (SSL) and Key path (SSL) in your addon options to match the filename.
These informations may be provided by your host.

Q. I am using CloudFlare on my website, is it a problem ?
A. Using CloudFlare is not a big problem, but this requires to use a specific port listed below for the NodeJS application. Here is the list of ports that work with CloudFlare:
  • Website running under HTTP protocol:
    • 80, 8080, 8880, 2052, 2082, 2086, 2095
  • Under HTTPS protocol:
    • 443, 2053, 2083, 2087, 2096, 8443
Then, ensure that your CloudFlare configuration has the "Block requests to all ports except 80 and 443" disabled !

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