🔥 [Foro.Agency] Real-time Shoutbox (NodeJS & Socket.IO)

🔥 [Foro.Agency] Real-time Shoutbox (NodeJS & Socket.IO) 1.1.2

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  • Fixed missing tables when installing for the first time (1.1.1)
If your first version was 1.1.1, you must uninstall the addon and then reinstall it with this version.
  • Fixed missing avatar in leaderboard
  • Added ability to select user for messages archiving + added missing date for each message
  • Fixed a problem with "num in chat" counter which could cause significant problems due to sockets overload
It's been a while since the last update, so we decided to bring a nice and cool update with some new features :)

First of all, we added a custom debugging log for the Node server which will help us to detect unexpected errors. This feature is enablable through the ACP and is by default switched to off. We decided to bring this off due to unexpected disconnection errors on our own forum, it is mainly to prevent these sort of problems in the future.

Then, we refactored several aspects of our code to provide you the best possible experience, with great smoothness.
  • Adding "num in chat" counter which display the total number of connected users to the shoutbox.
  • No longer show messages from ignoring users.
  • Ability to double click on a message to edit it.
  • Remove overlay cache when editing a message.
We also added some great new features which were very much in demand
  • Shoutbox personalization
    • Ability for administrators to create unlimited sounds.
    • Every users can personalize his shoutbox on its own (ability to play sound when tagged and select tag render) - based on a permission.
  • Chat as BOT
    • Thanks to a permission and an option, any users can chat in the shoutbox as BOT with the /bot command at the beginning of his message.
  • Messages archiving
    • Every day messages are archived into a thread (which already exists) - this is managed with an option
We know that shoutbox personalization is very limited, but we want to bring this feature very high and we will.

You may need to re-configure your server as this is an update including Node server update


  • Added missing notice preview
  • Re-factoring some pieces of code

DO NOT UPLOAD THE config.json file in the server directory, otherwise you'll have to re-configure the shoutbox options
  • Fixed bug with XenForo guideline about blocks properties - Thanks to @ichpen link
  • When the Node app is not running, it should now throw an error to the user

DO NOT UPLOAD THE config.json file in the server directory, otherwise you'll have to re-configure the shoutbox options
  • Fixed bug when editing a non-staff message, the message wouldn't be edited in live
  • Price is now €9,00
  • Fixed bug where 2 permissions were not linked to the Shoutbox (view leaderboard & report message)
  • Fixed bug when leaderboard has a high total users to display, this exceeded of the box
  • Improvement: Ability to mention users in a message (no alerts)
  • Improvement: Shoutbox is now able to handle multiple concurrent connections from the same user !
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