[Foro.agency] Colored group avatar borders

[Foro.agency] Colored group avatar borders 1.1.0

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This addon adds a border color on member avatars.

The color depends on the usergroup's color (you can set a username color in the "User name CSS" field, when you edit a user group).

As an example, the following settings will set the username's colors as red, and their avatar borders as red :

Screenshots :

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Latest updates

  1. Update for XenForo 2.1

    Now compatible with XenForo 2.1.
  2. Fix

    Fix a potential server error by additionnal en extra control check

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Hey man, the addon works fine, but somehow i can only add a border to the admins, i tried to do the same to moderators and vips but doesnt work. It only works on admins
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