[Foro.Agency] Colored Username Everywhere

[Foro.Agency] Colored Username Everywhere 1.2.1

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  • When mentioning user anywhere, the dropdown menu would not show and causes an error
  • Added support for XenForo Resource Manager (XFRM)
    • Resource List - Author
    • Resource View - Author
    • Search Result - Resource
    • Search Result - Resource update
Do not try to install this update on XF2.0.x, this update will properly work only on 2.1
  • As XF updated his version to 2.1, some templates has changed and caused the addon not to work properly. This has now been fixed !
Be aware that this is an update for 2.1, do not try to install ona previous version as it won't work.
You may want to delte all the old files and upload the new ones because some files has been deleted.
Likes: Blade5000
  • Double username icon in some cases
  • Better style handle to avoid conflicts in some cases
Used a non-existing function
Likes: Nirjonadda
Colored username in member tag auto complete list
  • Fixed bug where username colors didn't appear in last post of category
  • Improvement: Select through the AdminCP the username colors locations
Fixed bug
  • Added addon information
  • Added username color in New Threads widget
Likes: Nirjonadda
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