Bug Can't Edit/Delete Predefined Messages

Addon Version: 1.2.0
XenForo Version: 2.0.7
Bug: When I (or any of my users) attempt to click to edit or delete any of our current predefined messages, it shows a popup of the node list. We cannot edit or delete any of our predefined messages. I can PM a preview of what it looks like when it happens, however due to privacy reasons, I do not want to post a screenshot here.



Staff member

I have re-test our addon and i don't have succefully reproduce this bug, can you give some informations for diagonistic ?
  • PM is defined for "Conversation", "Threads" or "Both"
  • Automatic sentence is defined on "Courtesy", "Pseudo", "Both" or "None"
  • The position number
  • And if you have integrate emoji on title or description
Thanks for your back,
Best regards.
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