Blaux portable Ac Fog Cannons Fog Cannons provides advanced technology that effectively suppresses dust and odor and are engineered to industrial standards for use in the most extreme commercial and industrial environments. The product range and include a variety of sizes and component options including pole and wall mount units, portable cart units and the completely self contained trailer unit that includes a generator, a tank and pump mounted on a road worthy trailer. All units are available in a variety of voltages and different product features including oscillation, variable frequency drives and chemical injectors. Evaporative Coolers The basic concept of Evaporative Water Cooling Fans is to lower the air temperature using a fan together with water cooling pads. Air is passing through the pad, the water cools down the temperature of the air and takes away dirts and particles from the air at the same time. i.e. it not only reduces temperature and creates air convection but also brings clean air back to the area.
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