Velofel when it comes to our levels of testosterone so as a man you really got to take good care of your testosterone it is what makes you stand out being the man you are results of low levels of testosterone you do not want to end up with low levels of testosterone as long as you can avoid it it is a process that happens naturally when you get older and drop between and % around the age of thirty around 0 it will escalate even further but you can reverse a lot of the effects using a testosterone booster like Velofel how to tell you have low levels of testosterone there are many different signs that tell that you have low levels of testosterone for guys working out in the gym one clear sign is a lack of progression with your muscle building you are simply not getting bigger or stronger no matter what you do another sign of low levels of testosterone is that you are starting to get fat despite eating the same as you always have done low levels of testosterone cause your muscles to shrink and you will be burning fewer calories fewer.
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