Vital Alpha Testo Canada Conclusion: working out the top is a priority task of building powerful and truly beautiful pectoral muscles. To its solution, professional bodybuilders devote most of their training to nursing. The times when the masses decided are a thing of the past. Having just a huge, but "raw" chest is no longer enough. Symmetry, balance and proportions - these are what judges at competitions now evaluate first of all. The chest must not only be inflated, but also stretched along the width. Speaking bodybuilders are well aware of this, so in most exercises on the chest do not use a barbell, but dumbbells. Dumbbell presses are no less effective for gaining mass than exercises with a barbell, but the trajectory of movement is no longer limited by the bar, which makes it possible to stretch the chest more, giving it an ideal shape. In presses with dumbbells has another advantage - a large variability. This makes it possible to pump the chest from different angles, forcing the muscles to respond to a new type of load by increasing muscle mass and improving shape. In addition to exercises with dumbbells, bench presses in free-balance simulators can become. But in any case, the main idea of such exercises on the chest is to increase the trajectory of movement. Conclusion: bench presses with dumbbells contribute to a set of breast mass not worse than exercises with a barbell, while significantly improving the shape of the pectoral muscles. In the complex of exercises of professional bodybuilders, exercises with dumbbells play a dominant role. Tip 3 | Use breast enhancement techniques The most persistent stereotype of bodybuilding is the assertion that low rep training with a small (6-8) number of repetitions in the approach is better for mass gain. For some, this type of load is ideal, but not for everyone. Especially when you consider that for a stable mass gain, a constant increase in working weights is needed. And the greater the weight of the barbell or dumbbell, the higher the likelihood of injury. Athletes who have made bodybuilding their profession understand this very well, therefore they interpret the concept of “progression of the load” in breast training not so straightforward. For they know that any injury can put an end to their future professional career. Suffice it to recall Dorian Yates , an adherent of refusal training with maximum weights. In addition to six victories at Olympia, he was remembered for managing to break biceps, a bunch of quadriceps and “slightly” tear triceps. For this reason, many bodybuilding stars use various methods to intensify the training process so as to train the chest extremely hard, minimizing the risk of injury. Supersets, trisets, drop sets, partial repetitions, and other high-intensity training methods have firmly established themselves in the arsenal of professional athletes. The correctness of their chosen path is confirmed by scientific research: as Canadian scientists have determined, the largest number of muscle fibers is included in the work only after 30 seconds of completing the approach.
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