Keto Regime - You would like to know what constitutes a serving size. As an instance, a serving of starch may be ¾ cup of ready-to-eat unsweetened cereal, 1 slice of bread, or ½ a bagel. A serving of fruit might be one little apple, banana, or orange. A serving of milk might be 1 cup of fat-free skim milk. A serving of meat might be one ounce of meat, poultry, fish, or cheese. A serving of vegetables might be ½ cup of cooked vegetables or one cup of raw vegetables. A serving of fats could be one tsp. of butter or one tsp. of olive oil. These are just some of the examples. There are also free foods like one tbsp. of fat-free mayonnaise or ¼ cup of salsa. Moreover, there are ways of determining exchanges for sweets and combination foods (e.g. casseroles, pizza, and soups).
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