Bug Velofel: Do Not Buy 2020 Read First Reviews

Velofel every now and then you got to slow down to speed up but when she left to go pick up the twins that was my like cute I was like okay I'm gonna go have a date with mr. Sandman get a good nap on and I promise y'all I did not even take off my shoes before someone called and this was I don't mind losing sleep like this but listen when you do your videos you notice how I started saying this is Kenny I am an ATL you think I'm saying that for five no I'm letting people in Atlanta know Atlanta is a hot and poppin city that's super overpopulated do you not think that there are gonna be people that aren't here then I'm looking for TLC reps of course let me tell you something in two years I've been in this company I've seen so many people come and go it's not even funny I mean just they've been in multiple deals I love it when they leave I don't say I'm scared why do you leave it I don't care leave you know why because I have a super huge obnoxiously big better buddy crew magnet on my truck and every single time pretty much I stop somewhere for too long people are like oh that's that company that's that tea you know why they know about it because somebody basically left them as an orphan customer but no problem I'll take you in so so between the car magnet in there in the videos I'm not

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